How Did I Get To Netster.com?
You may have arrived at this site because you mistyped your desired Internet address or domain name, or the web site you are seeking may not be operational. Please make sure you typed the address or domain name correctly. You may use the "Back" button on your browser to return to your previous page, or you may use our search engine to find your intended destination.

Through the use of automated methods, we routinely identify and acquire expired domain names. Those domain names are directed to our main home page www.netster.com. There you can search over three billion Web pages that our search engines examine to find what you are looking for. You may also have reached us through one of our affiliates or via a webmaster who has placed a free search box or link on a site unrelated to Netster.com. That link is offered at http://www.netster.com/addtosite/start.asp

Privacy Policy
Netster.com does not collect any data on its users, either for its own use or to sell to others. To read more about our strict privacy policy – to which we adhere 100% of the time – please go to http://www.netster.com/about/privacy.asp

I Think I Have Trademark Rights In A Netster.com Domain Name
Netster.com acquires expired domain names through automated methods, not by targeting specific terms, names, or marks. It is our company policy to transfer a domain name to any person or company that, in our reasonable opinion, has a legitimate claim to that domain name. We will gladly transfer a domain name to you if you demonstrate to us that you have a legitimate claim to it, taking into consideration federal trademark registrations, state trademark registrations and demonstrable common law rights. We do not sell domain names. To inquire about one of our domain names, please go to: http://www.netster.com/about/inquire.asp

I Don't Want To Receive Netster.com Pop-Up Windows
Netster.com from time to time WILL serve pop-under / pop-up ads. You will never again see a pop-under from Netster.com if you decide to make Netster.com your home page. However, most of the complaints we receive are from pop-under ads that are being served by third parties. Users often forget that they have installed software on their system that serve these ads regardless which website they are at. Some users are completely unaware that they agreed for “ad ware” to be placed on their system in exchange for free software. We do NOT bundle any “ad ware” with our free Netster™ SmartBrowse Toolbar, NOR do we collect user data.

In the course of picking up expired domain names, we occasionally acquire a domain that may have been used previously by third parties in unethical or even illegal ways, unbeknownst to us. An example of this is where the former owner of the domain name caused "spy ware" and/or other unauthorized computer code to be placed on your computer, which is now transmitting messages to us as the new owners of the domain. Please understand Netster.com did NOT place any such computer code or spy ware on your system, NOR do we collect any data originating from any such code or spy ware.

There are various programs, free as well as fee-based, you can use to remove unwanted software from your system. You can find a variety of these by performing a search under "spy ware removal" using the Netster.com search engine. Our free Netster™ SmartBrowse toolbar is another handy search tool with many great features: it can be downloaded at: http://www.netster.com/smartbrowse/promo.asp. We are currently working to develop free spy ware removal programs as well as pop-under blocker software that we hope will one day be incorporated and automatically updated in the Netster™ SmartBrowse toolbar.

I Think I've Been Spammed by Netster.com
In the course of picking up expired domain names, we occasionally acquire a domain that may have been used previously by third parties as the "remove" or sometimes "from" address in Spam sent by people unrelated to Netster.com. We are very much opposed to spamming, and we do not and never have engaged in this practice. Some unethical spammers use fictitious links and/or redirecting characters in the "from" and or "reply to" section of an offending e-mail to try to fool people into believing that the origin of the e-mail is different than it really is. We assure you we are not the source of any Spam you might receive, even if Netster.com is shown as the address in the "remove," "from" or "reply to" section of the e-mail. We do not Spam, PERIOD! To learn more about how Spam can appear to come from a source other than the actual sender, please click here. Please help us combat any false appearance that Spam has originated from Netster.com. If you have received any such Spam, please forward it to us at technical@netster.com, so we can try to track it down and end it. To learn more about how spammers obscure their identity, please click here. Please carefully research a Spam e-mail before making any accusations or attributing blame, as accusing a reputable Internet company of sending Spam is akin to yelling fire in a crowded theatre.

The Netster.com Pledge
We at Netster.com strive every day to provide you with the best possible search results and user experience. We ask that you give us a try. If you are pleased with the results, please consider using Netster.com as your browser's Home Page. In addition to great search results, we also provide you with the latest in breaking news provided by the Associated Press at http://www.netster.com/news/news.asp. We also provide Games at http://www.netster.com/games/games_intro.asp. Our free Web based e-mail service is one the most streamlined services on the Internet and provides you with 4 MB of free space instead of the 2 MB most other services provide. You may sign up for this free service at: http://mail.netster.com.
If there is ever anything that we can do to enhance your user experience on Netster.com, please do not hesitate to contact us at: marketing@netster.com. We appreciate your feed-back and look forward to serving you.

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